Saudi  Inspection and Testing company  (SAITCO) provides inspection, testing, receiving, and testing services for locally produced goods imported or offered in the markets or stored in warehouses or in stores and cases of suspicion of commercial fraud according to Ministerial Resolution No. 7798 issued on 10/8/1434 AH .

The necessary credits were obtained to provide inspection and testing services for electrical, electronic, textile, leather, and shoe products in accordance with the requirements of the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality and the Gulf Accreditation Center for both electrical and textile products laboratories, as well as requirements for obtaining the Gulf badge (G MARK), and issuing test certificates On imported and locally manufactured products. And testing services are available to all customers at the company's headquarters in the first industrial city in Riyadh - next to the dry port customs in Riyadh - Rd 4, 5, 6, 7.

Quality policy and goals

SAITCO  adheres to an operating philosophy based on neutrality, independence, efficiency, confidentiality, and achieving customer requirements and social responsibility.

As quality means understanding our customers ’requirements and making every effort to achieve these requirements, while at the same time adhering to the relevant standard specifications, quality policy and procedures and legal and regulatory obligations, SAITCO aims to provide evaluation services (inspection / testing / certification) to meet Requirements and requests of customers as well as related parties such as accreditation bodies and legislative bodies on the other hand, at all times, in addition to ensuring customer expectations and providing added value to them as well as continuous improvement.

Evaluation services (inspection / testing / certification) provided by SAITCO are available to all customers and are applied without discrimination.

 The main objectives are as follows:

1- Ensuring that the methods are reliable, fair, impartial and implemented through good professional practice.

2- Ensuring the confidentiality of the information provided for the evaluation services' operations (inspection / testing / certification).

3- Ensuring that the company's activities comply with relevant international standards and national and international requirements in order to be familiarized with our services around the world.

4- Maintaining the management system in accordance with the criteria of accreditation and continuous improvement in accordance with the policy, and accordingly a member of the administration has been appointed as a quality general manager by senior management.

In addition to the above, the Saudi Company for Inspection and Testing is committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system, in addition to environmental and health and safety standards and performance, as it believes that health, safety and environmental performance are an integral part of the necessary and required procedures in all its operations.

SAITCO makes every effort to provide and use all necessary equipment and human resources in accordance with a high level of specifications in all activities and contracts that are concluded. It is also committed to providing training needs in technical matters and aspects of quality as well, and always enhancing the spirit of quality with a high degree.

- In order to achieve the goals of the Saudi Company for Inspection and Testing, it secures the required credits from accreditation bodies, and relevant bodies to implement the specifications, and recognition and authorization from government agencies and agencies.

In general, the Saudi Company for Inspection and Testing has developed and maintained an appropriate management system in accordance with international standards ISO / IEC 17020, ISO / IEC 17025, ISO / IEC 17065, and any other international specifications that are applied.

The management and staff of tSAITCO are responsible for compliance with the quality policy and requirements of the management system. They are committed to observing the measures stipulated and continuous improvements and contributing to them. They are fully aware of the importance of neutrality in the implementation of related activities, and the company always adheres to the principles of non-conflict of interests, in order to ensure the objectivity of the services it provides.

Scope of SAITCO 

- Testing

- Certification  of products 

- Inspection