About the examination


Scope of  testing:

1- Electrical and Electronic Products Testing Laboratory:

The Electrical and Electronic Products Inspection Laboratory, SAC No. N-T-00047, performs electrical and electronic tests (other than car batteries). The products that are examined according to these tests are varied from the specifications of testing these products in the lists of the Ministry of Trade and Industry within the costs and tests specified for them.

The accreditation team was visited by the Gulf Accreditation Center and the accreditation number: ATL 0052 was obtained

 The Electrical and Electronic Products Testing Laboratory performs electrical and electronic tests for the following products:

Audio and video devices and receivers.

Household electrical devices.

Light bulbs.

Plugs, switches.

Refrigerators and refrigerators.


Vacuum cleaners.


Electrical transformers.

Electric washing machines.

IT equipment.

Dry batteries.

Kitchen electrical appliances.

Electrical wires and cables.

Lighting energy efficiency tests.

Energy efficiency tests for refrigerators.

 Energy efficiency tests for heaters.

2- Textile and Carpet Screening Lab:

- An international accreditation laboratory for textile products, clothing and carpets has been established with international accreditation No. ATL 0052 in addition to the accreditation of the Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC) No. N-T-00065.

The laboratory performs the following tests:

- All garments products such as: pajamas, pants, T-shirt, dress, suits of different and traditional themes, and includes all clothes regardless of the nature of the product.

Children and infants clothing.

Cotton underwear and pajamas.

- Traditional clothes: shemagh, ghutra, headband, abaya and thobe.

- All fabrics for home use such as: blankets, duvets, bed sheets and pillowcases, curtains, table covers, sofa beds and all home use fabrics.

- All kinds of fabrics for technical use - filters, floor coverings, insulation fabrics.

Military fabrics.

Medical fabrics: gauze and laces, eye patch and dressings.

- Fabrics of tents and hair houses.

Ihram clothing and towels.

- Carpets and rugs of all kinds: prayer rugs, automated rugs

Manual, carpet, pedals and artificial turf.

Sanitary napkins and diapers.

3- Laboratory for testing and testing leather products and shoes:

A laboratory for inspecting and testing leather and shoes products has been established accreditation of the Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC) No. N-T-00075.

The laboratory tests for the following products:

Military boots.

Baby shoes.

Sports shoes

Safety shoes

Leather bags

Health paper