Get to Know "Verify" Application, How It Works and How to Benefit From It

Get to Know "Verify" Application, How It Works and How to Benefit From It

Get to Know "Verify" Application, How It Works and How to Benefit From It




   1-    What is "Verify" application?


The application allows the consumer to verify the validity of the Quality Mark, the energy efficiency label for electrical products (air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators),  in addition to tires and vehicles. 



2-    Why and when should we use "Verify" application?


Through this application, you can verify the validity of the Quality Mark and view the products that received it.  There is also a feature which allows you to report a commercial fraud case upon the expiration of the usage license period of the mark.  Through this application, you can also check the number of stars on the energy efficiency label as well as comparing between similar products in terms of energy efficiency, cooling capacity, annual consumption, electrical power capacity and whether they conform with the Saudi standards or not. 


Furthermore, there is the General Information icon (about the Application, Minimum Standards for Devices, and an explanation on how to read the Energy Efficiency Label). The application also has a feature that allows you to search about electrical devices through the model number. You can also search about vehicles using model year, manufacturer, vehicle model, engine capacity and fuel type, in addition to the ability to compare between products which received the energy efficiency label. 



3-    How does "Verify" application work? 


The application works through the feature of scanning the barcode for Quality mark products and the QR code for energy efficiency labels.  The application has the feature of  using  a search engine and the ability to compare between products.



4-    How to verify the information on the Energy Efficiency Label? 


Through comparing data on the application with data on the label. 



5-    What to do When Data on "Verify" application do not match data on the Energy Efficiency Label?


Use the feature of reporting, which will directly take you to the application of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment "Commercial Notification", by tapping "Reporting an Efficiency Label" icon. 



6-    What should I do if there is no QR Code on the energy efficiency label on the device, car or tire?


Use the search feature available in the application.



7-     What is the information that Verify application displays which I must compare to energy efficiency labels before I purchase the device / car / tire?




Electrical appliances

  •       Manufacturer
  •       Brand
  •       Rim size
  •       Tire category
  •       Load factor
  •       Speed average
  •       Wet grip level
  •       Energy efficiency level
  •       Manufacturer
  •       Engine capacity
  •       Model year
  •       Vehicle type
  •       Structure type
  •       Payment type
  •       Transmission
  •       Certificate number
  •       Fuel economy value
  •       Fuel economy level
  •       Brand
  •       Model number
  •       Device type
  •       Product Type
  •       Annual energy consumption
  •       Energy efficiency rate
  •       Number of stars



8-     How do I know that the label on the device / car / tire is correct and not forged? 


By matching the data on the label with the data shown in the application 



9-     What should I do if the label on the device / car / frame is forged?


Use report-the-label feature.



10-     What cars does Verify application support?


Some models of 2015, 2016 and 2017.



11-      What tires does Verify application support?


All tires that have a label containing QR Code



12-      Will other devices be included in the application in the future? 

It is decided to include lighting products and high-capacity air conditioners.